The           Gear Concept

Initially aimed at skydiving, the main objective is to help any drop zone focus its business efforts and investments onto main operations improvement - aircraft, marketing, infra-structure.


For that, we offer exclusive gear-as-service (GaS) deals, providing gear including all regular maintenance parts and services, and also extra optional packages as of Cutaway Parts Replacement and Backup Gear.


At our website you can also find technical skills offers, as of Skydiving Instructor and Coach, Parachute Packing and Rigging, through a qualified professional database that allows both parties to connect easily, matching needs & skills.


On top of everything, we offer drop zone Strategy & Management Consulting, which provides a very specialized and tailor-made result, enabling drop zones to move further into success.

Get your strategy clear, your resources ready and you plan going!


Provide the best worthy and safe gear, professional services and specialized consulting for extreme sports.


>> Safety

>> Availability

>> Efficiency

>> Professionalism


XGear is made by skydivers, for skydivers and all skydiving community, with a very professional insight, since it´s Founder & CEO has 15+ years professional experience over tech companies, business strategy, entrepreneurship, and also 20+ years skydiving and drop zone operation experience, aswell as 10+ years skydiving instructor ratings.