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Updated: Apr 25, 2023

❓️Want to be safer, progress quicker, and have more fun skydiving?

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🧐Then, before any and all skydive, its best to plan all your steps, be mental about it, as anything left to chance adds up against you and will easily catch you off guard.

⚠️Also, keep in mind the plan will change as you take it into action, and that's what makes planning even more important.

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🧠️Its a lot easier, by far, for the human brain to adjust from a pre-existing plan and mental pictures, than to create one from scratch on-the-go... no matter how big of a change... the brain works way better when it has a baseline preset "behind you eyes" to refer to.

✅️So, make sure to gather proper knowledge and HAVE A PLAN always, each step, from gear check to packing after the jump... it takes a while, but the more you do that, the more some routines will imprint in your brain and help to develop a more acute awareness.

♾️Have a gear check routine and stick to it, don't rush it, don't skip it. Gear up purposedly and consciously - just like Rambo gearing up for combat - step by step. Look at the landing zone and visualize your canopy flight, pattern, flaring, and how to adjust for most common changes.

🏆Brief the jump's each step - jump run check, door setup, exit, freefall, maneuvers, break-off, deployment - and practice your emergency procedure. The better the plan, the bigger the learning, the safer it is, the more chances for success and fun.

🪂So, wanna skydive better, HAVE A PLAN!💪

by Vitor Tamarozi / @vitor.tamarozi (linkedin, instagram, facebook)


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