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❓️Want to be safer, progress quicker, and have more fun skydiving?

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💢Yes, it can be frustrating being told "no, not yet, need more training, get more jumps, its too soon"... we all had that, we all seen that... so what can you do about it?

✅Well, the best way is to accept, reassess, take the advices, slow down, set a goal, get training, and then achieve it in the best and safest way possible.

☠️Or, one can push through and go on hopping DZs, in search of those who lack the heart (or the knowledge) to say "not yet", or wanna be the cool and easy "enabler" that will say yes, throw you a couple of bones and let you cripple out into the wild... or worse, find a place where you can slip through the cracks to try getting away with whatever... until not.

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🛒This is a well know and very present jumper's behavior called DZ SHOPPING.

😒I'm sure you all know jumpers like that, both "shoppers" and "enablers"... as you all know places like that, where you can either find plenty of those "-ers" around, or simply sneak trough the cracks, which unfortunately are plenty... you might even have some of that in ourself...

👍Its totally ok to go looking for different places that provide structured trainings you are interested in, there is lots to learn out there, so what about being smart about it, huh?

⚠️Next time you hear "not yet", stop and ask what is necessary to get there, look for proper help... instead of just running towards the easy way or the next place to push it.

🪂So, wanna skydive better, NO DZ SHOPPING!💪

by Vitor Tamarozi / @vitor.tamarozi (linkedin, instagram, facebook)


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