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❓️Want to be safer, progress quicker, and have more fun skydiving?

skydive formation

💢Due to the very fast paced and major risks nature of it, skydiving is a very mental activity, which brings both great challenges and great opportunities.


🧠Convincing the brain to be relaxed and work properly during such an intense and risky activity is most of the times a very challenging task, but for the same neurological reason that is, its also easy to train it... it's all about mentalizing.

🔀Playing the steps inside your brain repeatedly helps creates neural paths to a more consistent awareness and decision-making about the activity.

brain power

🏃‍♂️And even though turning that into physical action takes real experience and all the other senses, the more you mentalize the steps, the better and easier your brain works, especially during a fast-paced and risky activity as skydiving.

💭So, make sure to have the proper steps, and go long, mentalize the whole jump, as many times as possible, anytime, anywhere... hack your brain into mental training.

🪂So, wanna skydive better, MENTALIZE!💪

by Vitor Tamarozi / @vitor.tamarozi (linkedin, instagram, facebook)


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